On-Ramp Privates
Number of Sessions: Six 1-hour privates
Cost of On-ramp: $300                                

Your on-ramp private classes are scheduled at your convenience - you pick the days/times. You are also encouraged to attend the open Saturday classes from 9-10am.

We often get the question "I am really fit and workout on a regular basis. Can I skip the on-ramp classes?" We want to clarify that the on-ramp private classes are not based on fitness, but instead focused on techniques. Without knowledge of the Olympic Lifts (Clean & Jerk and Snatch) among others, it is impossible for even a "fit" new member to take part in a CrossFit class without risking injury to themselves.

If you are transferring from another CrossFit gym, the on-ramp private classes won't be required, but each new member will be asked to come in and meet with a trainer to discuss their comfort with the technical movements.